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Escola de Música da Fundação Real Colégio de Landim
Landim - Famalicão - 4pm

André Carvalho (PRT) - organ

Prepare for an exciting musical moment leading children to discover the fantastic world of pipe organs! Our didactic concert will offer a unique experience designed especially for kids who are curious and passionate about music. During this interactive and engaging concert, children will have the chance to get to know one of the oldest and most fascinating musical instruments, as well as develop some musical and creative skills.  Join us for this unique and exciting concert.

Born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, ANDRÉ CARVALHO began his musical studies in 1998 at the CCM - Artave / Santo Tirso, in the piano class of teacher Maria do Céu Camposinhos. In the 6th grade of the Conservatoire, he began his singing studies with Janete Ruiz. At the same time as his studies in Santo Tirso at the Conservatoire, he started his studies on the pipe organ at the school of the Sanctuary of Fátima, in the class of Professor Nicolas Roger, where he had the opportunity to work intensively on the liturgy. He later joined ESMAE, where he studied singing at university level under Professor Oliveira Lopes and Professor António Salgado, at the same time as studying philosophy at FLUP. As a pianist, he trained with Tsiala Kvernadze, Joel Belo Soares, Alexandre Reis and Helena Sá e Costa. As a singer, he trained with Janete Ruiz, Palmira Troufa Job Tomé, Oliveira Lopes and António Salgado. He is a member of the Casa da Música Choir, where he has the opportunity to work with renowned national and international choir and orchestra directors. He was a member of the Cupertinos Foundation, Clepsidra and other ensembles.  He is currently the Artistic Director of the Braga Archdiocesan School of Liturgical Music where, as conductor and organist, he has the opportunity to lead a group of professional musicians active in the churches of Misericórdia, Santa Cruz, São Marcos and Sé de Braga, all of which have historic Iberian organs. He teaches piano, music history and choir at the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Seminary in Braga and is the Pedagogical Director of the Music School at the Real Colégio de Landim Foundation.

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